'Cuauhtli' - Opens Oct 6th at Centro De Artes Gallery


I created this performance installation based on the idea of Mexican American movement and migration. How do we move? What guides our movement? What is movement symbolized as in our iconography? The Eagle was the first emblem that struck me. Considering that the eagle crest with a snake in its beak is the centerpoint for the Mexican flag and also holds an entire mythological tale of Quetzalcoatl with it, and also that my movement to San Antonio came from a city named after the pathway of the eagle, “Eagle Pass,” it made sense to infuse my journey and many peoples journey within the wings of such a powerful totem. The photographs that make up its wings were taken in movement crossing from Eagle Pass to Mexico and back to Eagle Pass, a voyage that is ubiquitous to thousands of people on a daily basis, and plays an important part in the merging of cultures. The border bleeds within itself and outwards into both lands, and our memories of a dual experience on either side provides our wind, our urge to continue what has been done for centuries before the border existed. On a personal note, the eagle has come to me as a new totem animal, at an extremely appropriate time in transition of my life, when the earth and the sky must be traversed within balance and new understanding. A woman with wings flying into the wilderness to be nourished.

Daniela Riojas1 Comment