Chicana Artists and Art in the 21st Century Symposium - Trinity Uni.

"To Feel is To Know"  Daniela Riojas. Self-Portrait. 2013.

Happy to have been selected to speak at a one day Symposium 'Chicana Artists and Art in the 21st Century' at Trinity University, March 7, 2017. The name of my presentation is "Exploring the Artist's Role through Native Ceremony and Activism." More details on this event will be posted soon.

Artist Statement: Daniela Riojas is an emerging Texas interdisciplinary artist currently based out of San Antonio, Texas. Her creative body of work recalls ancient ritual practices and engages seemingly anachronistic couplings of pre-colonial world concepts and contemporary cultural theory. Throughout her creative process her corporeal presence often attempts a locative terrestrial engagement for the sake of her performance narratives. Using her process of, “individuation through embodiment,” Riojas physically places herself in a mode of abstract worship as a way to connect to feminine deities, totems, archetypes, and new mythic characters. The images become vehicles for remnants of a lost spiritual history. Bringing them to the forefront of contemporary art likewise brings along pre-colonial mythologies which can help reconstruct a cohesive and collective consciousness rooted in nature and the understanding of the cosmic female.

Other participating speakers include Judith Baca, Anel Flores, Ana Fernandez, and Kathy Vargas.

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