Seeking Community Funding for Femina-X's New 'Azteca Futuristic' Music Video

Creative director and singer Daniela Riojas is seeking the help of the community to help cover partial funds for Femina-X's newest music video production "Black Tongue." Black Tongue is a conceptual narrative film that will use an Azteca Futuristic Aesthetic and metaphoric visual language to tell a story of saving oneself from a toxic relationship. What makes the romance story that will be featured in this new film unique is that Daniela Riojas and director Diego Lozano are incorporating Aztec mythological characters into the visual narrative; taking from the story of Coatlicue: The Serpent Goddess and Tonanztin (now modern-day Virgin de Guadalupe). To help support this production visit Femina-X's Indiegogo page:

Contributors will receive tickets to a private screening and concert!

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