Frida's Heart Music Video
directed by daniela riojas and laura varela
edited by Daniela Riojas
cinematography by andrew gonzales
funded by the artist foundation san antonio

Femina-X's song entitled "Frida's Heart" has garnered wide appeal for its intimate lyrical content and exciting interplay between vocal climaxes and guitar solos. This music video is a visual representation for exploring a tale of cultural and collective unconsciousness and the embedded nature of personal histories that connect our modern life to the generations of the past. Using the San Antonio River as a sacred geographic site, Daniela engages in a ritualistic self-sacrifice, presenting her own body as gift to the river in exchange for its rebirth. In this way, the sacrifice serves as reclamation for Yanaguana, the waters which nurtured and gave sustenance to the indigenous people of this region long before colonization. Professor Cathryn Merla Watson responds to this video saying that the "...thematic strand for me is Chican@futurism; combining the old, ancient indigenous rituals with the technological - by her use of synth sounds - so as to blur and question those boundaries. And the third thing that comes to mind is that it seems to be a part of the relational art movement that emphasizes the deconstruction of borders/barriers in our globalized world as well as themes of shamanism and nomadism."