Rio Abajo Rio
2015, self-portraits, large format film photographs

Tesuque Pueblo_24x32inwhite.jpg
Rebozo _24x32in.jpg

Through self-portraiture, video, and performance, I introduce the emergence of an ancestral figure using the metaphor Rio Abajo Rio: River Beneath the River; a subconscious place from which the wild woman crone, dealing with both death and re-creation, illusively navigates both inner and outer worlds dispersing rememberances of the pre-colonial landscapes and sources of life. I create a pathway from the San Antonio River to the deserts of New Mexico’s Rio Grande and into the purified Blue Lake waters of Taos Pueblo, performing ritual and cross-pollinating the basic elements of maize and agua del rio as a way to merge an ancient cleansing practice into modern awareness of our land and water, specifically the unnatural and commercialized state of the San Antonio River.