To Be Immaculate: The Descent #1, #2, #3, #4
2013, acrylic paint, self-portraits, digital photographs


I use methods of movement, ritual, and embodiment in order to draw connections between psychological processes and the importance of maintaining ancient ideologies which encompass feminine deities. These are non-Christian, non- Catholic practices that predate the strong patriarchal movement that buried the vast diversity of goddess figures.
The purification ritual for the Aztec goddess, Tlazoteotl, required the person asking for forgiveness to become undressed in the presence of his/her loved ones and tell the story of their wrongdoings in the form of abstract dance, movement, and non- language vowels. This ancient method of energetic release has been seen across many cultures including Italy with Tarantism dance and Japan in Butoh dance. It is this complete undoing of the self which disconnects the ego from control and reunites the person with a true self, whereby which a real cleansing can occur and realign the energetic flow.